Portfolio: Campus Change Through Horticulture

In summer of 2021, I hosted Elliana Alexander — a UNC undergraduate student who was part of the Moxie Scholars internship program. As always, I love having students work on projects that are passions for them, and Elli was passionate about horticulture. We decided that a campus horticulture toolkit would be the ideal project for her. Mid-way through the project, Ellie connected with Ellen Fiedler, who was another undergraduate intern working with my organization. Ellen was similarly passionate about holistic approaches to violence prevention, and had experience doing equestrian therapy. Together we worked on a technical assistance product that would provide guidance for integrating horticulture and similar holistic programming into campus sexual violence prevention programming as well as response. My colleague Brittany Thomas helped put the finishing touches on it, and we are proud of what an innovative product it is.

supervisor, project manager, co-author