I am blessed to work at the intersection of my passions, and enjoy creating educational, informational, and practical technical assistance materials to support practitioners in their work as well as survivors in their healing.

My work includes works that I am the sole or primary author for, as well as projects I’ve supervised, managed, or co-authored; collaborative projects; reports, summaries, and fact sheets; trainings and webinars; storytelling; other media; and creative and academic writing.

Primary authorship

Tips and language to support trauma survivors in navigating workplace trauma responses.
Strategies for anti-trafficking advocates and organizations to empower survivor leadership in the movement.
Overview of a public health, harm reduction, human rights approach to trafficking prevention.
Manual for rape crisis centers to better respond to human trafficking survivors and collaborations.
Supplemental materials for DFSA prevention strategies in 2SLGBTQIA+, kink-friendly, and other sex positive communities.
Regional report for North America for the Modern Slavery PEC research project on engagement of lived experience in international policy and programming
Let’s Talk About it social media and online safety video campaigns, one featuring peer-to-peer support and one featuring a caregiver conversation.
Facilitation guide for using the Let’s Talk About It videos in education and social media

Supervised, managed, and/or co-authored

Self-paced, syllabus-style study guide for teachers who want to better support their 2SLGBTQIA+ Students
Brave Space? Safe Space? Consider this alternative, based on adrienne maree brown’s Emergent Strategy
Toolkit for incorporating horticulture-based approaches into campus sexual violence prevention and response
Matrix guide for local educational authorities to determine the human trafficking prevention and awareness curriculum that fits their needs
Guide for college and university campuses to better prevent and address human trafficking on their campuses
Documents to support school staff and sexual health educators in teaching consent to youth with I/DD
Over the winter of 2021-2022, I was project manager for the production of Spanish-language videos similar to our “Let’s Talk About It” campaign, although the script-writing and on-set advising was contracted with two brilliant colleagues who are native speakers.
Overview of the National Survivor Network’s approach to trafficking prevention.
This report articulates the findings of a months-long working group of experienced anti-trafficking leaders with lived experience outlining harms survivors experience within the anti-trafficking sector as well as how we can make repair. Executive summary available.
Highlights and overview of Care, Self-Determination, and Safety
This workbook offers practical guidance and considerations for survivors wanting to explore where their boundaries are around public storytelling, how to leverage their stories for impactful advocacy, and how to craft a compelling, survivor-developed story appropriate for each audience.
Meaningful Engagement of People with Lived Experience: a framework and assessment for measuring and increasing lived experience leadership across the spectrum of engagement

Collaborations and Review

Research consultant and contributor to the Modern Slavery PEC report: A review of current promising practices in the engagement of people with lived experience to address modern slavery and human trafficking
Short docu-series about human trafficking in North Carolina produced by a local broadcasting company.
Cover of Modern Slavery PEC report: Assessing the Case for a Global Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
Modern Slavery PEC report: “Assessing the Case for a Global Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking”
Evidence-informed curriculum for teaching 7th, 8th, and 9th graders about trafficking in the sex trades.

Reports, summaries, and fact sheets

Plain-language, accessible overview of a statewide sexual violence prevention State Action Plan
Guidelines for hosting a safer, inclusive space for speakers and trainers, particularly survivors and those with other marginalized identities
Demographics report for an anonymous leadership team in order to balance safety, accountability, and transparency.
2022 Report of the National Survivor Network

Webinars and training

Whole Body Listening: Navigating Embodied Pleasure as a Trauma Survivor for Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit #sfs20 2020
Upstream, Same River: Rethinking the Bones of Our Systems for NCCASA (History, race, and racial inequity in government and social service systems) 2020
Non-Discrimination Practices in Housing Programs for Freedom Network USA 2021
LGBTQ+ 102: Serving LGBTQ+ Survivors for NCCASA/CACNC 2020
Findings from a Human Trafficking Prevention Curriculum Matrix for International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference 2021
Housing LGBTQ+ Survivors of Human Trafficking for Freedom Network USA 2020
Trauma Informed Prevention Education for NCCASA 2019
LGBTQ+ 101: Language and Frameworks for NCCASA/CACNC 2020
Reframing Human Trafficking Prevention: A Public Health, Social-Ecological, Social Justice Approach for International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference 2021


and in telling our truths and living our authenticity, we empower others to do the same

Conversation with a friend and colleague about our experiences in the anti-human trafficking movement
Sex Ed Storytelling at The Pinhook, Durham, NC, June 6, 2019 — a fundraiser for SHIFT NC.
a story about exploring my own identity as a sex educator and sexuality as a queer parent through sitting with my response to my child coming out as asexual
Outfluenced: An Evening of Queer Storytelling | Hidden | Chapel Hill, NC, March 28, 2019
a story about trying to remember freedom in my body and self, and perhaps even reclaim it in a new and more expansive way
Sex Ed Storytelling at Motorco, Durham, NC, December 13, 2018 — a fundraiser for SHIFT NC.
a story about how my personal “Sex Talk” with my own children got weirder and weirder with each kid the longer I worked in sexual health and consent as a field and profession

Other media

I was interviewed for this 2020 New Republic piece on the divide in the human trafficking movement between those who see it as a conservative, anti-sex work, criminal justice movement, and those who understand the human rights underpinnings of any effective anti-violence work.
This is the special bonus episode for the Multiamory podcast episode in which I discuss intimate partner violence in polyamory and polyamorous relationships. This special content, only for the podcast’s Patreon patrons, is a deep dive conversation into community accountability for partner harm.
I was interviewed for this 2020 Insider piece on sex trafficking survivors’ perceptions and experiences of the QAnon conspiracy theory phenomenon and ensuing activity/”activism.”
Behind Closed Doors Yet In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking In North Carolina episode of The State of Things on WUNC. I provided expertise on sexual violence, human trafficking, prevention and root causes, and LGBTQ youth.
Part two of my interview with the Emancipation Nation podcast by Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute founder, Celia Williamson. In this episode, “Trauma, Trauma Survivors, and the Empowerment Model,” I discuss trauma, some of my experiences doing this work as a survivor of multiple forms of violence, and why survivor-centered, empowerment-based support is essential for survivors of human trafficking. 
I was the special guest for this 2020 episode of the Multiamory podcast, providing expertise and information about intimate partner violence in polyamory and polyamorous relationships.
Part one of my interview with the Emancipation Nation podcast by Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute founder, Celia Williamson. In this episode, “‘Becoming the Voice for the Voiceless’ is not Empowering to Survivors. In Fact, Survivors are Speaking—But We May Not Be Listening,” I discuss prevention, the NC landscape, the Teach2Reach curriculum from UNC School of Social Work, and working with LGBTQ Survivors. Mentioned: FORGEPoint Source Youth.