Violence Preventionist, Speaker, Trainer, Storyteller, Advocate

"Chris is one of the most impactful leaders I have worked with. They are a thought leader and change motivator." - Colleague on LinkedIn

Chris Ash

Advocate and Educator

Providing expertise and technical assistance on:

  • Public health approaches to violence prevention
  • Curriculum development and review
  • Meaningful engagement of people with lived experience in policy, programming, and research
  • Sexual violence and human trafficking

Chris has years of experience as a training and technical assistance provider, drawing upon their decade of experience in direct services. They are known for translating theory, evidence, and history into practice. View their portfolio of publications, videos, and toolkits here: Portfolio

Chris' work spans activism, education, direct services, crisis response, public health approaches to violence prevention, and nonprofit management. View their CV to learn more about their experience blending public health, human rights, and community care: Curriculum Vitae

Chris' work on meaningful engagement of people with lived experience in policy, prevention, practice, and research is shaping the national and global dialogue. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their work: LinkedIn

About Chris

Chris is a genderqueer nonprofit wonk, writer, storyteller, and teacher who lives with their family on Catawba, Eno, and Shakori lands in what is now part of the southeastern United States. Their work brings together their research interests of gender, sexuality, consent, relationships, trauma, healing, spirituality, theology, ritual, storytelling, and social justice. They are a survivor of multiple forms of violence and trauma, and work full-time in the movements to end violence. In 2024, they received a presidential appointment to the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking.

In their free time, they spin fire.

Learn more: About Chris

What folks are saying

Freedom Network USA logo
FNUSA Conference Attendee

"I didn't really know what to expect - I thought it might focus on traffickers - and was blown away by the content. It was very thought-provoking and well-articulated."

Colleague and collaborator

"While many people can recognize harmful information, I have never met someone so skilled at creating and/or compiling tangible tools and resources to address time-sensitive concerns. Not only is Chris skilled in developing helpful resources, but they are passionate about making those resources accessible to individuals and organizations who need them. They are humble, approachable, and patient, and they invest in people who are committed personal and professional growth. They are committed to high quality work, and it shows in everything they do."

Seal of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
university colleague

"Throughout my time knowing Chris they have demonstrated aptitude in public speaking, gracefully facilitating tough discussions, clear and vibrant writing, and in exuding an air of openness and acceptance that encourages people to explore ideas they might not otherwise. Chris is an outstanding educator, both in the classroom and in public."

North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault Logo
Mentor  & former supervisor

"I often refer to Chris as 'the gift that keeps on giving.' They are incredibly gifted, competent and caring. They have the innate capability for extreme organization, endless capacity and great discernment about people and processes."

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Private training attendee

"Chris is an amazing presenter and teacher. They made heavy, deeply troubling material palatable for discussion and created an amazingly comfortable and safe atmosphere. Thank you, Chris!"

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intern and Mentee

"Chris was the best supervisor I could have asked for during my first internship in college. They have perfected the balance of guiding folks in their endeavors while also allowing them to pursue their interest. At the time, I didn't realize how impactful they would be to my career as an activist and educator. Chris modeled a kind, skilled, and competent anti-violence educator, and I still use much of the advice they offered me today especially when addressing diverse audiences. Among the worrying statistics and disturbing violence that we combat, Chris provides tangible actions and compassionate guidance for those they teach."