Portfolio: Prevention Plan at a Glance

In 2019, I changed from a broad anti-human trafficking policy, prevention, and response position into a specifically violence-prevention position at my statewide nonprofit organization. When I asked what the program I managed entailed, I was handed over a hundred pages of jargon-filled documents including a CDC-filed State Action Plan, an Evaluation Plan, and a logic model that looked like a complicated piece of string art. How was I going to manage a program when I couldn’t even figure out what the action plan we were expected to follow even said?!?! I started working through the action plan bit by bit, taking notes as I went. Eventually, I realized that if I’d had a hard time understanding the State Action Plan, I probably wasn’t the only one!

I took my notes and turned them into a State Action Plan-at-a-Glance that I could share with stakeholders to easily summarize our work, and included definitions so that non-public health allies could understand what we meant. After it was reviewed and approved by our state health department, I added an additional, agency-specific introductory page about how my organization approached its prevention work to create an organizational Prevention Plan-at-a-Glance.