Portfolio: Teach2Reach

Image of Teach2Reach curriculum cover

Teach2Reach is an evidence-informed sex trafficking prevention and awareness curriculum developed by a team at the School of Social Work at UNC Chapel Hill. It is aligned with NC Division of Public Instruction Healthy Schools standards for grades 7, 8, and 9, but concepts are relevant in other states as well. It includes a 7th grade curriculum, an 8th grade curriculum, and a 9th grade curriculum (each with 5 sessions), as well as a 7-session Merged Curriculum for use in mixed-age settings.

I joined the Teach2Reach Team in August of 2018. Work on the project before then was focused primarily on literature reviews and needs assessments, and I joined right as we were creating the outline for what the content would be. I participated on the development and writing of the curriculum and later on the development of facilitator trainings to prepare educators to deliver the curriculum.

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