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I was interviewed for this 2020 New Republic piece on the divide in the human trafficking movement between those who see it as a conservative, anti-sex work, criminal justice movement, and those who understand the human rights underpinnings of any effective anti-violence work.
I was interviewed for this 2020 Insider piece on sex trafficking survivors’ perceptions and experiences of the QAnon conspiracy theory phenomenon and ensuing activity/”activism.”
I was the special guest for this 2020 episode of the Multiamory podcast, providing expertise and information about intimate partner violence in polyamory and polyamorous relationships.
This is the special bonus episode for the Multiamory podcast episode in which I discussion intimate partner violence in polyamory and polyamorous relationships. This special content, only for the podcast’s Patreon patrons, is a deep dive conversation into community accountability for partner harm.
I was briefly mentioned in this excellent IndyWeek article about the amazing work of the LGBTQ Center of Durham’s Host Home Program.
This is Human Trafficking documentary series by WRAL. I provided expertise on human trafficking, LGBTQ youth, trauma-informed practices, and sex trafficking.
Behind Closed Doors Yet In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking In North Carolina episode of The State of Things on WUNC. I provided expertise on sexual violence, human trafficking, prevention and root causes, and LGBTQ youth.
Part two of my interview with the Emancipation Nation podcast by Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute founder, Celia Williamson. In this episode, “Trauma, Trauma Survivors, and the Empowerment Model,” I discuss trauma, some of my experiences doing this work as a survivor of multiple forms of violence, and why survivor-centered, empowerment-based support is essential for survivors of human trafficking.