healing through story

healing through stories


From ancient times through current popular culture, the stories we tell and absorb about ourselves and our world shape our reality. Stories allow our hearts to break where they’ve become too hardened, and to heal where they’ve become too heavy. Stories transform our pasts and direct our futures. Stories inspire us, shape us, and help us grow the complexity of our understanding as we embrace the simplicity of joyful moments.

 stories that heal

I’ve enjoyed writing stories since I was a little girl, and since 1998 I’ve written stories to share with others. Over the years, two approaches to storytelling have resonated with my work:

girlatsunsetteaching stories – Taking my inspiration from the myths, sagas, fairy tales, parables, and countless other stories that reveal and explore, I enjoy crafting stories that lift up and magnify some thread of human experience so that we can better understand ourselves, others, and our world.

guided visualizations – I’ve used guided visualization as a tool in my personal growth and spiritual practice since I was in high school, and have taught it to others throughout the past fifteen years. Themes in my visualizations go beyond simply envisioning positive, peaceful places — in them we explore both light and shadow, both successes and challenges, and ways to address specific experiences. Most of my visualizations include both prompts and open space to listen to your own inner knowing, and I find great joy in teaching others to craft visualizations to suit their personal journeys.