Take Up Space: Let Yourself Be Cared For

by admin  - January 3, 2020

Take up space.
As the cycle of the seasons moves through mystery and the glow of a new calendar year fills the horizon, know this: you are allowed to take up space.

You will have days where you feel broken.

Pour tenderness over your missteps and inadequacies. Love them sweetly. Notice the stories you tell yourself about your heart, your worth, your value. Be curious about where those stories came from, and whether or not they actually protect you.

Wrap kindness around the part of you that is still learning how to navigate what you never before felt you deserved, and meet the part of you that judges the learning parts with similar curiosity and gentleness. They both come from the same story, the same wound.

We are not meant to be at war with our own vulnerability.

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